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Crema Contorno is our best selling cellulite contouring cream. Specially formulated for the 3 main causes of cellulite. Our Patented blend of organic herbs, essential oils, and moisturizing butters deeply penetrate the skin into the dermis where the cellulite hides.




Crema Contorno is our world wide best selling cellulite cream. We knew there had to be a better, safer, more effective cellulite cream. A cellulite cream without the harmful side effects of drugs and synthetic chemicals. A real cellulite alternative therapy that would do more than just offer temporary results. So the big question is.. how to remove cellulite safely and get good long lasting results?

Definitely not with caffeine. 99% of all the cellulite creams on the market are treating cellulite all wrong. These companies blame the fat for pushing out causing the bumpy appearance but have no research to back up these claims.  This is actually backward. See cellulite is actually a scarring condition of the connective tissues that are in between the fat cells that attach our skin to our muscle layers. Our bodies store toxins on our fat.When our fat cells get full toxins they become hard and cut off the vital capillary blood flow to these connective tissues.

Without proper blood flow (oxygen) the connective tissues remodel into scar tissue and shrink inward pulling the dimples into the skin causing the cellulite. Caffeine is a diuretic and a vasoconstrictor which means it decreases water and blood flow to our cells.  By doing this the water in the fat cells shrinks for a few hours and will temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. while actually making the overall condition worse. Sorry ladies. Of the 150 creams on the market all with caffeine there is not one real review of good results. Now you know why.

Our triple action patented cellulite formula helps at the root of the problem. Our cellulite cream utilizes a proprietary blend of natural ingredients including herbs, vitamins, moisturizers, enzymes, nutrients, and essential oils. Our cellulite cream is filled with organic ingredients that help to improve circulation to the skin bringing the fresh vital oxygen that is needed for healthy skin.

We also included the worlds only 2 oils that are known to reduce and dissolve scar tissue.  And we put in over 10 different antioxidants to detoxify these fat cells. We even put in the French Melon made famous by Cindy. This Melon has a special enzyme that helps bring oxygen into the cells.

This type of cellulite treatment consisting of detoxifying and collagen remodeling does take a little time so be patient. Collagen cells live for 4 months, so transforming them into new pliable collagen takes time.  According to our research, most women began to see results around 2-3 weeks once you start using the cellulite cream.  And good results after 8-12 weeks of continual use of our cellulite cream.

We had over 1000 women or all ages (20-70) do a clinical trial with our cellulite cream and every women who used the product for longer than 4 months reported significant to excellent improvement and all of them are still using it.

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