Acne Scar Cream 12 bottles


Crema Cicatrice Faccia is our all natural acne scar cream is formulated with special organic Chinese herbal teas and extracts that have the ability to reduce the redness, kill bacteria, and help remodel the scar tissue often associated with acne.



Crema Cicatrice Faccia is our all natural acne scar cream made from organic ingredients that is a better, safer, more effective scar removal therapy than traditional over the counter creams. An acne scar cream without the harmful side effects of drugs and chemicals. A real acne scar removal cream that could do more than just offer you temporary results.

So the big question is.. how can I get rid of acne scars safely and get good long lasting results without making my acne worse? Our Scientists and Doctors spent thousands of hours researching acne prone skin and the best ways to help skin cell remodeling and regeneration while helping the acne. We researched every known ingredient that skins cells could possible use for treating acne and for normal healthy cellular function.

After many clinical trials, we came up with the perfect triple action proprietary formula that is designed to help at the cellular level of acne scars. Our formula has specific organic herbal teas and extracts that have the ability to reduce the redness and kill the bacteria often associated with acne.

Our acne scar cream is also blended with ingredients that improve circulation to the skin bringing that fresh vital oxygen needed for healthy cellular function. We searched the entire globe and found the only 2 emollient oils that are known to dissolve scar tissue cells making them soft and pliable again.

Next we added ingredients that have been proven to help your own body remodel the connective tissue cells that are responsible for the appearance of acne scars. And finally we added the building block nutrients of healthy elastin and collagen, (the connective fibers of the skin) that your skin cells can use to regenerate more normally…. effectively reducing the appearance of the acne scars.

This type of scar tissue remodeling does take a little time so be patient. See, Collagen cells live for 4 months, that is the length of their normal life cycle,  so transforming them back into more healthy normal cells, takes some time. According to our research, most women began to see results around 2-3 weeks once they started using the scar cream. And good results after 8-12 weeks of continual use.

Women who used the product for longer than 6 months reported an average improvement of 92% or more.

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